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Ingame/ Forum rules

Post by csongi on Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:42 am

Rules on Superwhip (server/Forum)

1) No Spamming - A long repeated or random words in ::yell or in public. We want this community to be safe for everybody. Failure to follow this will be Ip mute or muted for "X" amount of hours.

2) No Scamming - This includes gambling or find a way to steal the items from a player. We don't take kindly to this.

3) Treat all staffs/players equally. Do not discriminate against any of them - We want people to feel safe and welcome in this community, not discrimate against them. If we find anybody who doesn't follow this rules, s/he will be muted or banned depending how bad it is.

4) Do not impersonate staff members (As in "I'm going to ban/mute you") - Most people do this a lot by acting as a staff member "pretending" to ban/mute/jail people. This is not acceptable. Let our staff member do their job.

5) No advertising - Advertising outside of Superwhip will get you IP banning

6) No racism or discrimation against other Relgions, Race - Again, we want everybody to feel welcome here.

7) No real world or in-game trading - As in trading items from SW (Superwhip) to old school Runescape/EoS. This will be immediately banned if any staff finds out. If you do get scammmed while doing this, this is not our problem.

Cool Do not ask for staff spots - We will be watching people to see who deserves this kind of position.

9) No excessive profanity - You can curse and all but don't abuse it.

10) No Double posting or post count gaining - Do not submit double posted to try to get attention or spam the post or post counting.

11) No grave digging a post that's at least 1 month to 1 and a half month old.

12) Keep ALL topic appropriate to all ages.

13) No x-logging while you're pking

14) No threatening the server/forum (Such as Hacking, ddosing, Crashing, etc)

15) No IP Ban avoding - If you're IP-ban, please don't find a way around it. As it'll get you IPed again. If you're IP/Ban/Jail/Muted, please submit an appeal application and we'll take care of it

16) No dupping/Bug abusing/Glitching - Report all Dupes/Bugs/glitches to Administrators +. If we find you doing anything of these above, this will be immediately IP ban if you don't tell us.

17) No over abusing your powers (Muting/banning/Jailing others for fun) --- This applies to Moderators+.


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